Anypoint Runtime Fabric is a container service that automates the deployment and orchestration of Mule applications and API gateways. Runtime Fabric runs within a customer-managed infrastructure on AWS, Azure, virtual machines (VMs), and bare-metal servers.

Some of the capabilities of Anypoint Runtime Fabric include:

  • Isolation between applications by running a separate Mule runtime per application.
  • Ability to run multiple versions of Mule runtime on the same set of resources.
  • Scaling applications across multiple replicas.
  • Automated application fail-over.
  • Application management with Anypoint Runtime Manager.

Customer who:

1. Wants to deploy runtimes on their own premises (Data center, private IaaS)

  • Allow new customers to deploy in the most simple manner.
  • Deployment and management are provided OOTB.
  • For existing customers, removes the pain from managing several mule applications on-premises.
  • RTF will automate upgrade, increase scalability (1app/runtime vs multiple apps/runtime).

2. Can afford at least 6 servers for Anypoint Runtime Fabric

  • For a highly available configuration for production deployments.
  • 3 servers for running RTF itself, 3 for Mule applications.
  • Licensing is enforced by the total number of cores allocated for application deployments -- not the total number of cores available to Runtime Fabric.

3. Wants on alternative to deploying on AWS

  • Retail customer and cannot use Amazon.
  • They have credits they want to use for their cloud provider (eg. Azur).
  • They have internal deployment standardization they must follow.