Java Extension

Keycloak is a single sign on solution for web apps and RESTful web services. The goal of this tool is to make security simple so that it is easy for application developers to secure the apps and services they have deployed in their organization. Security features that developers normally have to write for themselves are provided out of the box and are easily tailorable to the individual requirements of your organization. 

Keycloak provides customizable user interfaces for login, registration, administration, and account management. You can also use Keycloak as an integration platform to hook it into existing LDAP and Active Directory servers. You can also delegate authentication to third party identity providers like Facebook, Google, or with a custom account manager server.

Our ad-hoc extension provides connection out of the box to Liferay that in conjunction with Mulesoft API manager has the potential of becoming a powerful solution to protect your microservices and API ecosystem via Oauth 2.0 protocol, any industry-standard for authentication.