Andrea Martinello

CEO & Founder
  • Nickname: Mav
  • Likes: DownHill, Yoga, Squash

Luca Piras

Product Specialist & PMO
  • Nickname: Chivas
  • Likes: Snowboarding, Music, :happy-piras:

Alberto Ferraio

Integration Architect
  • Nickname: Ferraglia
  • Likes: Meditation, Yoga, Running, Thai-Box

Giulio Picchi

HR Specialist
  • Nickname: Picchi Blinders
  • Likes: Basketball, Didgeridoos, Motorbikes

Andrea Canale

Senior Integration Specialist
  • Nickname: Channy Boy
  • Likes: Basketball, Videogames, Arrosticini

Michael Eyong Egbe

Integration Developer
  • Nickname: Milky-mike
  • Likes: Reggae, Dancing, Traveling

Simone Pedani

Head of accounting
  • Nickname: Pedanz
  • Likes: Guitars, Mountain Hiking, Snowboarding

Enrico Bortolazzi

Integration Architect
  • Nickname: Bortolax
  • Likes: Handcrafted Beers, Music, Sports

Matteo Pullano

Senior Integration Specialist
  • Nickname: Will
  • Likes: Writing, Movies, Pirates, Guitars

Soha Torki

Senior Integration Specialist
  • Nickname: Setareh
  • Likes: Piano, Volleyball, Astronomy, Cats

Lorenzo Marzolla

Integration Developer
  • Nickname: März
  • Likes: Scuba diving, Sardegna, Sushi

Davide Milan

Senior Integration Specialist
  • Nickname: Dave
  • Likes: Crossfit, Sky, Sushi, Pizza

Antonella Greco

Integration Specialist
  • Nickname: Vudoppio
  • Likes: TV Series, Hiking, Music


Debt Collector
  • Nickname: Ciottoseplek
  • Likes: Play fetch in the office, Be a good boy!